Cowlitz Public Shooting Range

Why would Cowlitz County need a shooting range?

LT1 Dredge Spoils

  • No PUBLIC shooting range in Cowlitz County
  • Timber Companies closing access to their forest areas
  • There are no safe appropriate shooting areas available
  • County population 96,000 (2005), Growth approximately 3% for past 10 yrs
  • Over 30,000 gun owners in the county
  • One Outdoor Store alone sells 20,000 hunting licenses annually
  • Casual shooting is dangerous and a source of annoyance to neighbors
  • Nine private ranges can not meet the needs of the public

Project Design

  • Range perimeter fenced with warning signs in sight of each other
  • All bullets will be contained by baffles, 15’ high berms & ricochet eye brows on impact berms
  • Firing line structure will be noise abatement equipped
  • A training building capable of 50 people
  • Restroom facility an ADA Porta Pot
  • Parking for 50 vehicles w/ handicapped spaces

What About Surrounding Property?

  • Range is designed for minimum noise
  • The nearest home is 1100’ west
  • The shooting direction will be northerly
  • Firing line generally out of view of neighbors
  • Range will be fenced with warning signs
  • 240 acres of dredge spoil property still available for other recreational uses
  • No impact on adjacent river/ponds
  • Paved access road can easily accommodate range traffic