Range Operations

July 2017

Welcome to the Cowlitz Public Shooting Range.

The range, open to all members of the public, has provided shooters with a safe place to shoot rifles, pistols, shotguns and archery since it opened on May 1, 2013. From the beginning, the range has staffed its operations with volunteers, a practice that continues to this day.

NRA certified Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are on duty at all times the range is open to insure the safety and fun of our shooters, friends and their families. The volunteer work of the RSOs allows the Cowlitz Game & Anglers to provide an excellent outdoor shooting range experience to its users at a very affordable price.

If you would like to join our cadre of Range Safety Officers, please contact one of the persons listed on our Contact page to learn when the next training class is scheduled.

Our Facilities
Our state-of-the-art outdoor range includes a 300 yard rifle and pistol range with an attractive shooting shed, a trap range, and a fully equipped meeting building.

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The range, including the restroom facilities, was designed to ADA standards to assure that it is fully accessible to our friends who are challenged with disabilities.

The 300 Yard Rifle and Pistol Range
The centerpiece of the 300 yard rifle and pistol range is the attractive shooting shed that is enclosed on three sides for weather protection of our shooters. There are 14 rifle shooting benches and 8 pistol shooting stations in the shed. Shooting rests and sandbags are available for your use at no cost.

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The rifle portion of the range has fixed target holders at 100, 200, & 300 yards. There are also portable target holders for each shooting bench that may be set at any desired distance.

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The pistol portion of the range has portable target holders that can be placed at any desired location.

Note that the target holders are just that. You will need to provide the targets. (The range has a selection of targets that you may purchase onsite if you don’t bring your own.)

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To enhance your shooting experience at our range, we have a few “loaner” spotting scopes for your use if you do not have your own higher quality spotting scope. You will also appreciate using our golf cart to go down range to tend your targets.

The Trap Range
A trap range, separate from the rifle and pistol range, is available for your use. This range provides a shelter enclosed on three sides for trap shooters that are waiting their turn on the shooting apron.

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Trap shooting is currently offered on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Meeting Building
The recently completed large meeting building is a modern facility equipped with ADA accessible restrooms and a full kitchen. The building may be rented for special occasions. Please inquire for more information.

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Hearing and eye protection is required for everyone during live firing. Prescription glasses are considered “eye protection”. We do sell safety glasses and basic earmuffs. We also have a few “loaner” safety glasses and earmuffs for those who do not come prepared.

The range does not sell food or drinks. Consumption of food and drinks is advised against by the NRA while in the shooting shed. Water is available in the meeting room.

Shooters should thoroughly wash their hands after completing their shooting experience and before consuming any food.

The range accepts cash, checks, and credit cards in payment for purchase and range fees.

We look forward to seeing you at the range! 

Cowlitz Public Shooting Range
1000 Toutle Park Road, Castle Rock, WA 98611