Range Safety Briefing

Ÿ •    Use of alcohol or drugs prior to or during the use of C.P.S.R. is prohibited.

  • No loaded guns allowed in parking lot or check-in window.
  • All guns to be cased or carried with action open (obtain chamber flags at check-in window).
  • Concealed weapons must stay concealed. These guns may not be drawn while in the shooting shed.
  • Open carry is not allowed in the shooting shed.
  • No gun may be fired from any body mounted holster.
  • Must maintain muzzle control at all times. The only safe place is up or down range.
  • Upon the order – Cease Fire – you may not take one more shot.
  • Anyone can call a Cease Fire if they see a dangerous situation.
  • Listen to RSOs (Range Safety Officers) orders as to when you may proceed down range to place targets.
  • Only one (1) firearm allowed on the shooting bench at a time.
  • While the range is “COLD” there shall be no handling of guns or loading of magazines.
  • The handling of spotting scopes, scopes, and any other accessories is also prohibited while the range is “COLD”.
  • While the range is “HOT” eye and ear protection must be worn at all times during live fire.
  • While tending targets and you go past the horizontal red flags, stand it up to the vertical position. Return to horizontal upon returning.
  • Shooting prone or rapid fire may be done only at RSO’s discretion.
  • Guns not on the firing bench must be cased or in the gun rack.
  • All shooters must adhere to RSO’s commands.
  • In the case of a serious medical problem – Heart Attack – an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is located in the office.
  • Please notify RSO of all injuries. 1st Aid kits available.

Updated and approved on 10-2-15 by the C.P.S.R Advisory Board